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Energy goes where you pay attention and what you intend creates the end result.

Researchers (e.g., Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispenza, the HeartMath Institute, among others) continue to create evidence that:
• We are not our genes
• The electromagnetic field and corresponding power of the heart is undeniable
• We have way more control over our healing than we ever imagined possible
• There really is something to this idea of the unconscious mind running the show

You might already agree that you get more of what you focus on, but the research goes way beyond positive thinking, because thoughts do not create your reality, BELIEFS do. And, guess what? Most of your beliefs reside at an unconscious level. This mean you may be unaware of the programs you are running. 

I can teach you bioenergetic processes that will change what you believe (whether you know it or not) is possible. How do you know what needs to change? Look at your life: Whatever is NOT working needs to change!

I can also teach you Soul Link™. Soul Link™ is a method that will neutralize your worst memories in seconds. The best part: You learn how to do it yourself so that you have the tools YOU need to heal yourself.

I work exclusively with motivated clients dedicated to creating profound transformation in their lives. My clients are highly successful but stressed professionals. If you find yourself thinking: “WTF: Is this really my life?”–then let’s talk. I can show you how you can create balance and harness your true potential by understanding your life as energy.

KEY BENEFITS to enrolling in a Restoration Course:

  • Learn how and why you have been manifesting your whole life and change what is no longer working for you
  • Learn to bio-energetically release stress so you can find balance and live up to your true potential
  • Learn processes that include Soul Link™, Awareness in Consciousness, and many more
  • Fall in love with who you are on the inside and become Love Living, not just Love Seeking
  • Integrate all parts of who you are on the inside to the point where you recognize yourself in Wholeness
  • Remove the foreign energy connections or control of others
  • Chronologically balance all the emotions and feelings from past memories arriving at now with potentially nothing still bothering you including other than conscious memories
  • Find the life lessons associated with some of your major emotional reactions to life
  • Understand how to use thought to heal
  • Learn how to make your blood flow in growth and regeneration rather than just protection
  • Since thinking is the occupation of life, learn about the New Biology and Science of Epigenetics along with your part in the healing process using thought


2-Day Group Restoration Course – $1,500/each plus travel if outside Phoenix, AZ (minimum of 2 people) 

20-Hour Customized Program – $3,000 plus travel if outside Phoenix, AZ - can occur over Skype. This program runs 1- to 6-months, based on your goals, timeline, and schedule.
• Integrates key components of Restoration (see above), including learning Soul Link™
• This program is personalized. We will work together to solve any challenges you currently face as you learn intention setting, a meditation program & how to clear and control your energy so that you have all the focus and energy you need to live the life you were meant to live.

1-Hour Skype Session – $150 first session, $125 each session thereafter. These sessions are customized to address current issues you are facing; includes learning Soul Link™. 

1-Hour In Person Session – $175 fist session, $150 each session thereafter plus travel if outside Phoenix, AZ (customized to address a current issue you are facing; includes learning Soul Link™) 

Coaching Package (Skype/Phone)- $650 Includes 2 one hour sessions to establish goals and learn techniques, then 3 months of 20 minute weekly coaching calls (12 coaching calls total). Have a friend or two and want to do a group coaching program? Let's talk!

20-Minute  Coaching Sessions for existing clients (Skype/Phone) - $50 each session, packages are available as follows:

  • 4 sessions = $150
  • 12 sessions = $500

1-Hour Group Seminar - Starts at $200 (customized to your group) – Cost varies based on group size, location, and additional services offered during the session; email me: [email protected] to set up a discovery call. Topics include but are not limited to: Stress, Sleep, Cultivating Happiness, Dealing with Challenging People, Energy Clearing, Detoxification, Brain Wave Technology, Intention Setting, Vibrational Healing, Meditation, and Other Than Conscious Re-Programming.

3-Hour Life-Changing Workshop – $200/each (minimum 5 people)
• Integrates key components of the 2-day Restoration Course, including learning Soul Link™ & other energy shifting tools. If you cannot commit to a Custom Program or 2-day course, this is the next best thing!

1-Hour Energetic House Clearing – $150
• Clear your personal space of things not serving you or your family.
• Conducted over Skype. If you would prefer in person, then travel expenses may be incurred if you live outside of  Phoenix, AZ.


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