"I absolutely LOVED my experience with Heather. She was born to lead this work with people. There isn’t anyone else I would of wanted to do this work with. She has something very special about her, a human energy, a soul energy that feels safe, authentic, non-judging, approachable and inviting. "

Kecia L., Palm Springs

"I enjoyed learning about the hands-on technique to calm myself. The daily homework is great to build positive habits. I have more self-love, more awareness of thoughts and understanding of intentions & holding the bigger picture in mind. "

Graciela Q., San Diego

"Dr. Heather is incredibly gifted and is a natural at making you feel warm, welcomed and comfortable, with no judgment. If you are looking to permanently change your thoughts, have more peace and calmness in your life, I highly recommend Dr. Heather!"

Christine V., San Diego

"Restoration eliminated some memories that were unwanted and eliminated inertia regarding taking care of myself. I feel generally more positive and I love it!"

Michelle M., Irvine

"Being able to see and feel myself without any more baggage is something I could not have imagined ever happening. This program has changed my love for myself, the world around me and has opened my eyes. It has been truly transformational. Everybody should do this. "

Vince R., Laguna Niguel

"I find myself sending out positive energy to others, near or far. One interesting thing that several neighbor friends complimented me on today was how young I looked, and my skin seemed to have a glow. That was a complete surprise! "

Barbara W., Dana Point

"After working with Heather, I am finding I work on myself more, I feel lighter, and I am able to see what’s good for me and what’s bad for me. "

John S., Mission Viejo

"I believe everyone could benefit from these programs because everyone needs help with controlling negative energy or emotions. The ability to remain positive and centered on a daily basis is critical for living a happy life. "

Debbie H., Norco

"A whole new world has been opened to me. I now have the tools I need to remain calm in all situations, allow myself to release from uncomfortable situations and people, and see life beyond the world of chaos. "

Tracey L., Lake Elsinore

"I feel energized and sense I am emitting an attractive energy that results in strangers being drawn to me (friendly, smiling, initiating conversations, etc.). The most important thing I learned is that I know I have the capacity to manage my emotions. "

Ben M., Phoenix

"I really liked the focus on feelings, take home teachings and energy as opposed to “content” or “the story”. I love feeling like the slate is cleared, a “do-over” of sorts, with infinite opportunities. I now understand how self-love is the basis of all action. "

Anne Marie, Venice

"I learned a lot about myself. We truly are spiritual beings!!! I feel like a renewed person. Thank you! Thank you!!!"

Mary B., Santa Marguerite

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